I'm an economist with a passion for (and PhD in) energy transitions, advising Danish secondary educational institutions on sustainability. I have more than 15 years of experience in the Danish and German energy policy landscape. Since 2013, I've consulted internationally on digital and green transformation, co-founded an energy startup and taught at several universities (mostly business development and sustainability-related courses).

Born into a Danish-German-Hungarian family of teachers in the outskirts of Copenhagen, I've always been 'translating' between cultures at home. I enjoy acting as a mediator between different life worlds. As a singer with a love for jazz,
I fuse my creative and business side in art/science crossovers like Jazz meets Energy.

Being a kid of the 1990s meant that I grew up during a time when the Ministry (and Minister) of Environment and Energy had a stronghold on Danish politics, and cooperatively owed wind power was booming. Internationally, it was a time of general (technology) optimism after the fall of the iron curtain and during the years of the dot-com boom. Even the bakery next to my school was delivering pastries using a fleet of Ellerts, the legendary Danish electric (mini) car. So my early teenage years were spent on writing essays featuring electric cars, working on school projects on 'the greenhouse effect' (as climate change was called back then) and doing an apprenticeship in a solar test facility (and, with less dedication, playing the piano and doing ceramics).

My journey into the world of renewables took off when I got the chance to work in the German Bundestag for the late Dr. Hermann Scheer. Through the German Renewable Energy Act, he helped pave the way for solar and wind power, not only in Germany, but worldwide. I first met Dr. Scheer as a high school student in 2002. He urged me to study economics, as he saw that profession and its influence on energy policy — not technological innovation —  to be one of the major roadblocks towards a renewable energy future. Scheer used to quote Einstein in this regards, saying:

"Die Probleme, die es in der Welt gibt,

können nicht mit den gleichen Denkweisen gelöst werden,

die sie geschaffen haben.“

Based out of Berlin and Copenhagen, these are my current projects.


Advising Danish secondary educational institutions on integrating sustainable building operations with education for sustainable development and carries out projects that reach this goal.


I bring competencies regarding sustainability, innovation and international outlook onto boards.

Current positions: Board member, Nørre Gymnasium
Board interests: Tech, energy, education and culture.



Music project with the the Iversen-Müller-Smith jazz trio, playing swingin' tunes with the satirical lyrics of Dave Frishberg and Tom Lehrer.